Home Automation

Home Automation brings the control of electrical and electronic systems together with a common and easy to use interface, which should result in a high level of functionality, convenience, and flexibility for homeowners. It will enhance daily lifestyle and increase the value of the property.

A simple system may control only lighting, but even this provides substantial benefits, such as energy savings, designer switches and touchscreens, welcome home lighting scene, movie & dining scenes, master off / on, panic lighting, auto switching of outside lights for visitors or even inside lights to make the home look occupied while the owners are away.

More advanced automation will see other systems integrated in, such as security, keyless entry, heating, aircon, watering, blinds, and audio/video components.

As much or as little of the above can be implemented in any home. We even have a solution that can be retrofitted into any house with minimal expense.

Home Automation Feature Products


Click the link and you will see how EASY smart home automation is with Clipsals Wiser Home control.

Wiser Home Control is a recent addition to the Clipsal C-Bus family, bringing a whole new level of functionality and connectivity throughout the home.

Wiser makes accessing and using the technology in your home easier and more convenient by providing seamless control of music, air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler systems, security and more – allowing you to monitor and control all of this from a mobile device or laptop.

Wiser is an affordable addition for anyone considering a home control system. Whether it’s a simple entry-level system, to a full-blown high-end system, Wiser offers a whole new level of convenience and functionality.

Environexus retrofit plug in automation

Environexus home automation is a simple solution that can be retro applied to existing appliances in the home.

The Environexus system connects wirelessly and is controlled by a smart phone or tablet. As an easy to use entry level product it is ideal for electricians to pitch to customers, and is ideal for customers to take up as a cheap alternative and easy entry point to home automation.

Environexus has changed the face of Home Automation. From a contractor and end user point of view it doesn't have the headaches associated with wired solutions. As it's wireless, Environexus retrofits easily to existing homes without extensive cabling required (works by simply installing a controller 'bridge' then attaching a module to the back of each existing device). Traditional Home Automation systems require connection to the switchboard with all the associated wiring and labour, so this difference means Environexus is inherently simpler, cheaper and easier, yet still provides a solid entry level home automation solution.

Leviton integrated security and automation products.

Leviton Security & Automation’s range of integrated automation solutions are ideal for Assisted Living applications. The Leviton range can be specified to enable increased access and mobility for residents, and provide higher levels of monitoring and service for carers.

The Leviton systems can provide residents and caregivers secure and automated access to the home or apartment through their iPhone's, using the Snap-Link app. This can be done from within the complex or remotely if required in an emergency.

Residents can also have control of various pre configured ‘scenes’ such as ‘Arrive Home', where Leviton’s controller opens doors, turns lights on, adjusts temperature, lifts blinds and logs the event with the caregiver so they know the resident is home.

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